About Billu's

Billu's - The finest Indian Eatery

Billu's - The finest Indian Eatery is a modest family-run restaurant that personalities of international fame go out of their way to dine at when in Australia .West Indies and Sydney Thunder Cricket super star Chris Gayle eats here. Steve Waugh dined there recently with friends, as the Indian cricket team does - Tendulkar, Sehwag, Dhoni, included - whenever in the country. Cricketrs are the not only ones who now know to eat at Billu's in Harris park.The Indian restaurant is a regular haunt for actors and musicians.

From the sub continent bollywood stars milka Singh, Sonu Nigam, and have all had the house specialty tawa sauce with chicken, lamb or goat. Aside from personalities many people dine here each week.

"When I started renovating people said somebody must be a crazy man, because I put a lot of money here. But I saw something in Harris Park. Because I had been in the inner city before I came here, I knew a lot of those customers came from the western suburbs -- Harris Park was in the middle." -Billu Singh

Billu's is drafted with an idea of providing healthy and tasty Indian food in homemade style. We have been doing our best to focus on providing a highly personalized service to our customers for the past 25 years. Our commitment to Food Safety is what makes us the preferred take out place to our customers for almost all occasions. We pride ourselves on the procedures we have in place that ensures that our food safety and quality are maintained at all times. We promote a “Quality Culture” throughout our whole operation with all staff, showing a total commitment to Food Safety and Quality in all aspects of their daily tasks.